During the last week of October 2020, the first transnational meeting of the Erasmus + KA2 project ‘’Diversity Youth Manager ’’ (2020-1-UK01-KA205-078066). This meeting has been carried out online due to the current situation that we are experiencing in Europe, and around the world. This project has been developed to identify a training path that allows disabled and underprivileged young people to take advantage of their talent and empower them to meet their goals in personal and professional life, strengthening inclusion through the use of new technologies to promote themselves locally and internationally.In this first meeting it was clarified which are the target groups of this project:

At the meeting, we commented that the project seeks to identify a non-formal digital, entrepreneurial, coaching and intercultural training path for young workers, through the development of a Youth Diversity Worker, who wants to help disadvantaged young people to help them learn technical skills and develop their intra / entrepreneurial skills so that they can carry their talents into adulthood and be active citizens with high chances of landing a job.This project has an alliance between 4 European partners from different countries, such as Gecko Programs Limited (United Kingdom), LogosAbile Onlus (Italy), Patatul Copiilor Constanta (Romania) and Inercia Digital (Spain).